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Hospice is expensive.
Hospice is free, provided you have Medicare or most private insurances. (Blue
cross, Humana, Aetna, Peoples health, etc)

*Remember, if you qualify for Hospice you no longer have to pay for Meds
related to the diagnosis, Medical equipment needed for the home, Medical Supplies, counseling, etc. All are covered under your Hospice benefit.
You can't keep your own doctor on hospice.
Patients can keep their primary physician while they are receiving hospice care.
Most hospices establish working relationships with a wide base of referring
physicians so that patients can keep their own doctors on admission to hospice.
All hospice care is the same.
Hospice programs differ radically, depending on the company, the staff and the
mission. Passages Hospice specializes in a more “Private, one on one” care
model. Our Doctor and lead nurses are board certified in palliative care.- Which
is very rare. Our company is Nationally accredited, which means we are
annually inspected and held to the very highest standards in the region. In
simple terms, of the 38 hospices in the area only 2 of us are nationally
accredited. We are the only company in Orleans Parish with a free standing
inpatient facility, located conveniently uptown. We think these facts separate us
head & shoulders from the rest.
Hospice means giving up hope.
Hospice provides hope for the patient as well as the family. Hope that they will
be nurtured and supported by experienced people familiar with all facets of end
of life care. Hospice workers recognize that nothing unifies or divides a family
quicker than a terminal diagnosis. Having others support and guide your family
in this crucial time is critical for the grieving and healing process. Hospice offers
hope that a secure, familiar care setting can be enjoyed. Hospice offers hope
and freedom from fears of isolation, abandonment, loneliness, loss of control
and physical pain, and hope that the family will be nurtured and supported, even
after the death of the patient, through bereavement services.
Medicare provides only six months of hospice care, so enrollment should be
delayed as long as possible.
Medicare law does not time-limit the hospice benefit. Patients and families
should act quickly to find out if they qualify. Patients have access to the
Medicare Hospice Benefit as long as the patient's physician and the hospice
medical director certify that the patient's illness is still considered "terminal," with
an estimated life-expectancy of six months or less and decline is apparent.
Hospice is only useful for heavy-duty pain medications.
Hospice care is designed to provide not only medical care but also social,
psychological, and spiritual support delivered by an interdisciplinary hospice
team that may include a nurse, social worker, chaplain, home health aide, and
other professionals and trained volunteers.
Hospice is only for cancer patients.
Hospice care is available to individuals with advanced illnesses including endstage heart and lung disease, cancer, ALS, Alzheimer's, AIDS, COPD, CHF,
severe birth defects and other terminal illnesses. Hospice care also supports the
patient's family members and loved ones of all ages during the illness and offers
extensive bereavement support after the death.
Hospice is a place, so you must leave home to receive hospice care.
Hospice is a philosophy of care for people who are living with an advanced or
life-limiting illness. Care is provided in the patient's home or wherever the patient
resides, including in residential, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities. In
certain instances where more attention is required, our private upscale facility in
uptown New Orleans is available and completely covered by your medicare or
private insurance.


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